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The new band in rehearsal.

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         The Machine Shed Band

The Machine Shed Band are a South Cambs / Herts / Beds / Essex based  Rockblues, soul, pop and rock’n’roll band.
After nearly 20 years, some people who have listened to us recently have suggested this is our finest line-up, details of whom you can see below.  In effect this is a ‘New Machine Shed Band’ with five of us in it now. 
We have been rehearsing hard during the course of 2023 between gigs, and continue to add many new songs that reflect where we are now.
Please listen to the new renditions of the tunes.  These were recorded live in rehearsal with a digital recorder in a village hall; first time takes, one after another.  No over dubbing, no multi tracking, just ‘dangerously’ live.  We think they’re pretty good considering the recording manner.  Of course, in the future we will make proper studio recordings that leave a better statement of the band.
So, we’re back!  If you were movin' and groovin' in the 60's, 70's and 80's then get out of your armchairs and come and see us; we're still playing that exciting stuff, making you feel alive and good about yourself.  And if you're younger come and see us and see what you been missin'.  Come and rock with us!
We as a band weren't together then, however we've been playing this music we love for a long while now.  So come and listen to amongst others our versions of  'Otis Redding',  'lynyrd skynyrd', 'ZZ Top',  'Wilson Pickett'.  'Rolling Stones'.  'Beatles'.  'Aerosmith'.  'Prince'.  'Billy Idol'.  'BB King'.  'Clapton'. 'Creedance' and many more.  We can be loud or not so loud, you decide, its party time!

We can do beer festivals and private parties, anniversaries etc.  If you want retro rock, blues and soul, rock n’roll at your wedding/party, rather than that same old usual disco function set, check us out, send us an email or message us, we’ll have a chat and hopefully sort something out.

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Band Members

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!cid_96036029-4711-4911-A484-7A0722D9620F (13).jpg

Bern Hainsby - Keys / Guitar / Harp


Linus Staples - Vocalist

   Counttwangular - Lead / Rhythm Guitar


Russ Squires - Bass/vocals


Phil Briggs - Drums/vocals


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November 2023

Friday 17 November:  'The Three Tuns'  Finchingfield  Essex

December 2023

Sunday 17th December:  'The Old Bell'  Sawbridgeworth  Herts  3 - 6pm 


January 2024

Friday 19th January:  'Pig & Falcon'  St Neots  Cambs.

March 2024

Friday 1st March:  'George III  Hoddesdon  Herts.

Saturday 15th March:  'The Catherine Wheel  Albury  Herts.

April 2024

Friday 12th April:  'Swan & Hedgehog'  Ipswich  Suffolk.

May 2024

Saturday 11th May:  'Pig & Falcon'  St Neots  Cambs.

June 2024

Friday 14th June:  'Swan & Hedgehog'  Ipswich  Suffolk.

July 2024

Saturday 13th July:  Rose & Crown  Woodford Green  London  IG 8 0UG.

Saturday 20th July:  'The Maltsters'  Cheshunt  Herts.

August 2024

Friday 23rd:  'The Catherine Wheel'  Albury  Herts.

Saturday 24th:  'The New Inn'  Roydon  Essex.


September 2024

Saturday 28th September:   'Bishops Stortford Social Club'  Herts.


October 2024

Saturday 5th October:  ' The Swan'  Wheathampstead  Herts.

Saturday 19th October:  'Swan & Hedgehog'  Ipswich  Suffolk.


November 2024

Saturday 9th November:  'The Maltsters'  Cheshunt  Herts.

Friday 22nd November:  'The Orange Tree'  Hitchin  Herts.


December 2024

Saturday 7th December:  Bishops Stortford  Social Club Herts.  







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"Lots of people came up to me and said how much they enjoyed you during the evening.  We'd like to book you for our beer festival again next year"  Mary  Landlady  New Inn Roydon  Herts.  Saturday 9th September 2023.

"You're a great little band.  I'd love to have you back for a couple of gigs next year (2024).  I thought you were great and so did the audience.  Many people came up to me and said so during the evening and after you'd finished"  Geoff  Chief Steward  Leigh on Sea Constitutional Club Essex.  Friday 8th September 2023.

"Have you got any more dates.  I'd like to have you back next year.  Landlord  'The Three Tuns'  Finchingfield  Suffolk  Saturday 22nd July 2023.

"You're a great band.  Will you come back and play some more gigs".   Manageress 'The White Horse'  Felixstowe Suffolk  Saturday 1st July 2023. 

You're the best band we've had here in months.  Are you booked in for any more gigs, we definitely want you here again, you were brilliant, everyone loved you.  Head of bar staff  "Maids Head"  Mildenhall  Suffolk  Saturday 4th February 2023. 

"Can't wait to have you back next year" (2023) Denise  Landlady  White Swan Exning  Suffolk  Saturday 10th December  2022.

"We don't normally have bands of your quality here"    Bar staff   White Swan Exning  Suffolk  Saturday 10th December  2022.


"You were amazing.  The whole pub, people were telling me how good they thought you were.  I can't wait for you to come back next time".  Landlord  The Maids Head'  Mildenhall  Suffolk  Saturday 19th February 2022.

"Everybody thought you you were great.  I had so many people come up to me and sing your praises.  You were far better than I'd led many of them to believe, so they had a (jokey) go at me".  Leslie, wife of the birthday man.  5th December 2021.

"A really good night".  Landlady,  'The Flowerpot  Bedford  Beds.  4th October 2019.

" What a great evening.  Everyone had a great time".   Darren Landlord  'The Globe'  Clare   Suffolk    Saturday 21st September 2019. 

"You're a brilliant band.  Can't wait to have you back again"  Sharon   Landlady   White Swan  Exning  Suffolk  Friday 26th April 2019.

“I thought you went down really well and there was all good feedback, so would love to have you back.  Could you do our summer festival"?  Brendan Sothcott   Organizer   Chappel Beer Festival   Friday 1st March 2019.

"You're a great band.  You just seem to get better and better.  Thank you for making my birthday such a great success"   (Private Party) John  Wellard (Landlord)  White Horse  Exning  Suffolk.   Saturday 26 January 2019.

For bookings and general enquiries please see below.  We'd love to hear from you.

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Phone: 0791 855 2088

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